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One of the principal advantages of LEGI is the possession of the newest German machines and installations enabling us to create modern and diverse products. The newest technology enables us to create a new product colormix.

Colormix is a paving tile manufactured by the method of a double vibropressing. Such manufacturing confers the best technological parameters on a tile, in particular, a long-term exploitation period, resistance to a heavy load, ecological safety, frost resistance, also conformance to the requirements of water absorption and wearability sustainability.

Tile is ideal for our climatic conditions, endures heat and low temperature, the advantage of colormix is also ideally even surface, due to which the product is suitable for improvement of the territory of shops, commercial centres and supermarkets, as moving on shopping trolley rollers, high-heeled footwear or bicycle is equally simple and comfortable.

Colormix is technology when the surface of a tile is created by mixing two and more colours. Colormix in Georgia is manufactured only at LEGI plant. The surface of this tile, as opposed to other coloured tiles, is manufactured by mixing different colours that confer a natural appearance on a tile. This technology also enables us to create a tile surface by mix of colours according to a customer’s choice. In the issue of this technology is created a natural mix of different colours.

Tile of different colours’ range enables landscape designers to turn fantasy into reality and create a desirable exterior at such facilities as private houses, country cottages, parks, territories of commercial centres, city streets and pavements.

Colormix tile is chosen owing to its universality, a long-term exploitation period and creation of an original design. Exactly due to this, no wonder, this new technology already enjoys great popularity in entire Europe. Today, owing to the above mentioned properties, colormix holds the first place in many countries of the world, among the best decoration products.